Zero-Spend Garden Challenge: Fun with CAD

Jake put together this plan for the back yard:


This includes, re-hinging the back gate so it swings in, pulling back the fence to the north of the building (something we probably won’t do for a year or two) and the big rectangle in the upper left corner is a sandbox which won’t come until we have kids. For now, though this gives me a pretty good start for the shapes of the planting beds.

For this summer, I’ll probably keep the planting bed all along the fence as it currently is, but when we add the sandbox, it would make sense to put down grass in the corner so it’s friendly for little bare feet.


One thought on “Zero-Spend Garden Challenge: Fun with CAD

  1. When Katie was in college she made a metal bird feeder and it now resides under our deck. Katie, would you like this for your garden? It belongs to you!

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