Zero-Spend Garden: Week 1

So the Zero-Spend Garden Challenge is off to a pretty good start. This week has focused mostly on weeding – and there was a ton of it to do! I found some pretty nice plants mixed in among the giant pig weeds, including many lily plants that are just about to bloom and 2 fairly healthy rose vines! We’ll have to see how those survive. Here’s some before and after pictures for you to enjoy:



Don’t have a before of this shot, but suffice to say it looked a lot like the one above:


And, of course, the weed pile – watch it grow!





4 thoughts on “Zero-Spend Garden: Week 1

  1. You could try reclaiming seeds from vegetables and fruits purchased for food and such.

    Try getting heirlooms from the green city market on wed and sats….. They will most likely have fertile seeds.

    Your house is beautiful!

    1. That’s a great idea! I’ll have to do some research on which kinds of plants will grow from seeds like that and what the best time of year to start them is, I’m thinking it’s too late to start the tomatoes this season, but maybe I can get them to sprout inside…

      Which Eric is this? I need to send you your “toaster” for being the first person to comment! 🙂

  2. My dad used to grow tomatoes from seeds. He’d take the seeds from a tomato he liked and spread them on a paper towel and then dry the seeds on the windowsill. Once they were dry, he’d put them in an envelope and write the name of the tomato on the front. I think he waited to plant them until the following year. Eric may be right about heirloom seeds being more fertile. They taste so much better too, but unfortunately you won’t get many tomatoes from each plant and the plants can grow enormous. My favorite heirloom tomato is Brandywine, yum can’t wait to try some this year.

  3. Katie – I love what you are doing. Working where you are with what you have (instead of wishing to be somewhere else with a whole lot more) is one of my favorite ways to build creativity and resourcefulness. It’s a very good omen that you found some rose vines; the rose is a powerful symbol. if you’re into Jungian symbols and interpretations (which I am), then your garden is off to a fine start. I like the setting you have too; lots of potential to work with the brick garage and concrete paving to evolve it into a very cool, and inviting urban court yard oasis and garden.

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