How To: Up-Cycled Speaker Planter Box


I found this great old speaker behind our garage right as I got onto my gardening kick. I knew I wanted some planter boxes for the porch and I thought this beautiful wood box had potential!


It was surprisingly easy to take apart. Most of the parts just popped right out. It was filled with insulation though, so I recommend wearing long gloves to remove that if anyone plans to recreate this.


I originally thought I would hang this box off the deck rail, but it’s just a little too large for that, so I picked up some legs from Home Depot (about $2.50 each plus about $1.50 for the bracket to attach each leg).

I had some fun blue enamel paint left over from a previous project so I painted the top and the legs the same cheery color.


For drainage, there was already one 3“ hole in the back of the speaker (bottom of the planter) from where the wires came out the back. I used a grate from one of the speaker parts to cover the hole. I just secured it with a couple screws.


I used a drill to add 2 more small holes in the left and right sides of the bottom so that water wouldn’t poll.

To aid drainage, I placed about an inch of gravel (from our yard) in the bottom:


My mom had brought me some potting soil as part of a birthday present a few months ago and when my neighbor Robin heard I was making a planter, she donated a bag and a half of left over potting soil to the project. (Thanks Robin!)


That Miracle Gro Organic Choice potting soil is really pretty – it’s a beautiful red-brown color and has chunks in it that almost looks like mulch. If you are planning on potting something small that the dirt will show for a while, I really suggest this stuff. I used the regular black-with-white-pellets potting soil to fill the bottom half of the planter and the organic stuff for the top few inches.

I found some thyme, basil and a pretty pink flower at the Home Depot when I was picking up the legs. All 3 plants for about $12.

I think it turned out rather cute! A nice addition to our back porch! And handy herbs all summer! Yay!



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