Zero-Spend Garden: North Side Yard

Robin, our neighbor to the north, is absolutely great. She owns a dance studio in Wilmette and she’s got the cutest little girl, Jade who she adopted from China a few years ago. Jade loves to yell “HI!” over the fence at me and her mom holds her up so she can see what we’re doing over the fence every once in a while.

The side yard near Robin’s walk looked used to look like this (actually it looked a lot worse – I had already pulled out some tree-sized weeds by the time I took this picture):

Pretty much everything behind the hastas was weeds. In this picture it actually doesn’t look too bad, but up close it looked pretty darn gross.

After 3 days of weeding and replanting, I spread out the dense clump of lilies down near the gate in a relatively even row behind the hastas. So now it looks like this:



The lilies are a little droopier than I hoped – I was imagining that they would all look like this champ above. But hopefully over the next week or so they will perk up and by the time they come up next year, they will have filled out to give a nice even row of coverage!

I might break the no-spend rule to get some mulch… but I need to do some research to see if there are any DIY solutions to the mulch issue that don’t involve ugly torn up newspaper.


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