Zero-Spend Garden (ZSG): Swindler Plants

We went down to Normal, IL last weekend to visit Jake’s parents to celebrate his mother’s b-day. However, it was she who ended up sending presents home with us!

Jumba (sp?), a shade loving, hearty ground cover…






Tomato Plants (these guys were “volunteers” – I still need to get cages for them)…


a pretty green and white hasta…


And a few days later she sent some bishop’s weed we had accidentally left in the garage… he’s still a little droopy, but I’m hoping he’ll come back with a little time and TLC.


I’m not sure if we’ve figured out just the right spots for any of these plants yet, but it’s just so nice to have some variety and hearty plants to work with!


2 thoughts on “Zero-Spend Garden (ZSG): Swindler Plants

  1. Wow! You and Jake have been busy! Think how much you have learned and know how to do. Did I recognize those hinges on the gate from the garage sale?
    Keep up the good work!
    Love, Mom

    1. Ah, yes! I forgot to mention that the hinges came from your awesome garage sale find – for those of you keeping track they were technically a “gift” from Mom and Dad Hawkey. Thanks Mom!

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