Zero-Spend Garden (ZSG): Back Gate – Before and After


Man-oh-manzie! There is nothing like sore muscles and a sense of real satisfaction to let you know that a holiday weekend was well spent. Jake and I spent most of yesterday in the back yard fixing up our back gate area and adding a small retaining wall to the back planter bed.

Prior to Sunday, the gate had bent hinges and swung outward (when you could get it to swing), awkwardly covering the garbage can you were invariably trying to throw something into. Taking out the trash was a huge hassle – the gate was a pain to get open, you had to haul everything into the alley and get the gate closed before you could get access to the garbage cans and then the gate was a pain to get latched again.

No longer! The gate can now be opened with just one hand, it opens easily into the yard giving you quick access to the garbage cans and it swings smoothly shut, latching with the lightest touch.

You can see the excellent work Jake did adding those cement blocks to widen and even out the walk way at the gate.





We used only materials we found already in the yard including a 4“x6“ post buried in the garden, a 4”x4“ post that used to be part of the fence before it rotted at the base last fall, and bricks and pavers we found under the deck and around the property.

The gate area is in pretty good shape… we still have some work to do to finish up the rest of the planter, but I think we’re off to a really great start!




One thought on “Zero-Spend Garden (ZSG): Back Gate – Before and After

  1. Wow, your gate area is looking great! That’s what hard work and ingenuity will get you. Paula gave me some plants to give to you. I’ll bring them next time we come up.

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