Zero-Spend Garden (ZSG): Plant “Swap”

Ok, the plant swap was a bit of a bust. We all kind of decided that July 4 was just not the best time for a plant swap. We decided to revisit the idea in April of next year. One avid gardener did show up for the swap – Rosie who lives just up the street from Jake and I. Since there was no swap, she invited me over to see her beautiful, fragrant garden. She is a recent retiree who has 3 grown children about my age. She’s got a beautiful garden full of perennial flowers. It’s an explosion of color and she has crafted the garden to have blooms all year long (sorry – no pictures). We visited for quite awhile in the peaceful oasis. It was great getting to know another awesome neighbor and great to know an excellent resource for gardening tips is just up the street!

So, even though there was no “swap” per se, my neighbors and friends picked up on the fact that I was hoping for some plants to spice up my planting beds.

Ceil and Eli from across the street invited me over to pick out some “turkey grass” which I happily added to our back garden bed:


Jessica Welzen, a friend from college who I have reconnected with through Facebook, has been a huge supporter of the ZSG project. She brought up a dozen different kinds of plants for me! Her mother packaged and labeled each clipping carefully and included a note with special care instructions. It was AWESOME!!! A huge thank you to Mrs. Welzen for putting that all together and to Jessica and her sister for schlepping them up all the way from the southside!

Here is a run down of the Welzen plants….

Red Twig Dogwood:


which may eventually look like…




Which I also added to the speaker planter box…


Lemon Balm (she warned me this guy will spread like crazy so I potted him. We’ll see how he likes the partial sun on the porch with his follow herbs):


Trumpet vine:


which may someday look like…


Hollyhock, Snapdragons and Geraniums (I may need to spread these guys out if they do well):


Rose of Sharon:



If we’re really, really lucky may someday look like…


Squash (he didn’t look so happy in this picture, but I’m hoping he’ll perk up in a day or two with plenty of water):


She also sent along some ribbon grass, lilies and iris which I have not gotten photos of yet. I can’t wait to see how all of these do! I’ll keep you all updated!


2 thoughts on “Zero-Spend Garden (ZSG): Plant “Swap”

  1. I’m so glad you are enjoying your plants! I am proud that one of ours made it into the speaker planter.

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