Zero-Spend Garden: 16 Tons. What do you get?

Last week was quite a lug-and-haul week!

We are trying to get the yard ready to seed on August 15, which according to my book, Month by Month Gardening in Illinois, is the best time to plant. This gives the seeds time to germinate during the end of the hot season and they’ll have the full fall to establish themselves.


To prep the yard, we have had to remove about a ton of gravel that used to be under an above ground swimming pool. There’s about a foot wide ring around the entire yard of gravel about 3-5 inches deep.



Because I imposed the “no spend” rule before I realized that we had no wheel barrow, we ended up hauling all of this rock in a old refrigerator crisper drawer.


That’s right, ol’ “MOIST ‘N FRESH” there carried this much gravel…


But, now there is significantly less rock in our yard and we are one giant leap closer to getting a real lawn back there!



Since we have such clay-heavy soil, we’re leaving the sand to be tilled into the soil.


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