Reseeding the Lawn

We we finally got to one of the projects that we can spend money on! 2 weekends ago, I pulled all the herbs and flowers out of the back flowerbed and put them in pots on the porch.

We protected the roses, squash and tomatoes and then used Round-Up to kill the weeds we had allowed to grow up in the backyard.

After giving that a few days to work it’s magic, we had a backyard full of mostly dead plants – it was time to get tilling!

Using mostly gift cards from our wedding, we rented a monster machine from Home Depot.

It was a long couple of days filled with hard work and followed by some very soar muscles, but the backyard has been transformed!!! Because I’m a dork like that, I’ve created a “timelapse” video showing the transformation of the back lawn.


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