Counter and Storage and Herbs, Oh My!

The weather has turned cold quickly in the windy city, so I brought my speaker box planter in last weekend, hoping to continue enjoying the thyme, chives and basil that have been doing so well on the porch all summer. Just a few days in my kitchen though and the basil is looking pretty pathetic. I’m guessing he’s not getting nearly enough light.

So I picked up a grow light at the Home Depot and hung it on the wall above the plant. It was functional, but it looked pretty awful. Then Jake and I realized that without much effort or money, we could get a lot more usable space by making this:


We already had the 2-door cabinet on the right – I was able to get the other cabinet from Target and a 15“ melamine shelf cut to size (5.5’) at Home Depot.

I think the herbs will be MUCH happier with this set up.


It’s not the most elegant design, but for $45 we’re getting a ton of extra counter space including a prep station with easy access to a plug – something we had been sorely missing before. Plus, I think it really opens up the kitchen nicely!



Jake and I also got the cabinets for the master bedroom closet from Cabinet World this weekend (2 weeks late, but they look great!) Jake and I installed them in the framing Jake and my dad put up a couple weekends ago. We still need to frame, drywall and trim, but I feel pretty good about the progress we made this weekend!

We took off the cabinet doors to protect them, so this doesn’t look like much, but I swear, big progress has been made!


One thought on “Counter and Storage and Herbs, Oh My!

  1. Love the herb shelf — it really does open up your kitchen and give you more useable counter space. The closet is coming along nicely too. It’s going to be amazing!

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