Front Garden

I was so pleased that the weather held long enough to let me reshape the front flower bed and get some Crocus and tulip bulbs planted!

Here is the bed from mid-summer, pretty much it was a Lilac bush, about 30 hastas and weeds:


This is what it looks like now:

This ground plan may give a better view of the serpentine boarder I implemented….

Currently in the front bed we have:

  • 4 Rose Bushes – pink
  • 4 Peonies – pink/red
  • 1 Tree Peony – pink/red (?)
  • 4 Groupings of about 12 tulip bulbs each (some may be too old or too young to bloom – we’ll have to see) – multiple colors
  • 63 Crocus bulbs planted as a front border. – purple/gold/white
  • Lilac – light purple

Over the winter, I’ll start some some creeping silver petunias as ground fill and some purple/red/pink annuals to replace the spring blooms as they die back.

It’s my dream to put in a natural flat stone “wall” maybe about 1 foot high just in front of the peonies. Something like this:



2 thoughts on “Front Garden

  1. When it comes time, I’d love to help you with your rock wall. I built one at our house a few years back and enjoyed the challenge. It’s a bit like putting together a 3-D jigsaw puzzle.

  2. opps, hit the submit comment button before I told you how amazing your plan is. I’m so impressed. It’s going to be beautiful.

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