How to: Photobook DVD Insert

So now that Christmas has finally passed I can finally blog about all the fun crafty gifts I made for the fam! First up, our wedding photobooks! They turned out simply fabulous. We used the book printing service offered by Apple through iPhoto. It’s a little more expensive than some of the other online photobook services, but we went through hundreds of photos to make these books and I can’t imagine dealing with that many photos through a web interface – having something on the desktop was just so much easier.


They turned out just lovely, printing quality was great. We also used iDVD to make a compilation DVD with the video from the ceremony, a slideshow version of the wedding photos and a fun compilation of the photos from our MacBook “photobooth”.

We needed a safe place to keep the DVD with the photobook so I inserted a DVD holder in the back of each book using the “backer boards” from our invitation, but any 5“ x 7” postcard or sturdy card stock could be used.


Card Stock or 5“ x 7” Postcards (1-2 for each book)
X-acto Knife and Straight Edge
Scratch Cleaning Pad or Sand Paper (optional)
Craft Glue (Sobo)
Stamp or Label

Cut the cards to 7“ x 5”

Score them at .5“ from the bottom and 1” from each side

Cut off the corners


If your cards are glossy use a clean scratch pad or sand paper to score surfaces that will be glued down to aid adherence.


Put a moderate amount of glue on the edges and place in the back of the book (or wherever you want the DVD insert to be.)


Close book, and stack under other heavy books. Leave overnight.


While books are drying, label your DVDs. I chose to use a stamp we had made for stamping our invitation
envelopes to add a flourish to the DVD.


After the glue has dried, insert DVD and you are done!


Wrap and then distribute for an amazing Christmas morning – your family will flip out. 🙂


2 thoughts on “How to: Photobook DVD Insert

  1. Consider me flipped! I can attest that these are a fabulous present and the DVD holder in the back is a perfect way to stay organized. Thanks Katie!

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