Dorky is the New Adorable

Being the crafty mama I am, of course I saw “Baby’s First DnD Game” as a perfect opportunity to make a costume for her from my cache of scrap fabric.  I like to call this photo “Olive the Loud.”

Olive The Loud

The horned helm I whipped up using a pink cap we already had for her and just adding some felt horns and some faux fur around the band.  The Unicorn Crest I also made out of felt using a silhouette I found on,  The shoes I made using a Martha Stewart Tutorial.  They were absolutely cute and easy to make, but they did not stay on very long at all. Her “chain mail” was just some sequined fabric I had from an old costume – it works as costume chain mail quite well if you flip it inside out and put a tunic over it.

It was a fun pre-game photo shoot, but I’m afraid Olive did not find the game as interesting as her daddy did:

"And that's what a 'crit' looks like, baby!"

Oh well, it was still a good day of daddy/daughter bonding and a great excuse to get out the sewing machine.

"Monster's dead, baby's asleep, time to call it a day."

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