Embroidered Mother’s Day Photo Frames

I never remember to shop for things like Mother’s Day until the last minute and so I needed to come up with a quick present for Olive’s Grandma and G. Grandma.  I was able to whip up these two embroidered photo mats in less than an hour each.  Some small frames from Walgreens and photos of the world’s cuties baby, and they came out a very nice gifts that got many oohs and ahs at the Mother’s Day brunch.

Embroidered Mother's Day Photos


  • 6″x4″ Frame
  • 6″x4″ Piece of Felt
  • 3″x5″ Photo
  • Transferable Embroidery Patterns
  • Iron
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Needle

How to:

  1. Cut felt to frame’s mat size.
  2. Print photos to
  3. Figure out best placement for embroidered embellishments (tracing paper can help)
  4. Iron on embroidery patterns
  5. Stitch the embellishments – most felt will not need a hoop.
  6. Cut out center of mat being careful not to cut too close to stitches.
  7. Put together with frame and photo

I found the straighter edges were harder to get right when framing, but ultimately produced a better final product.  Also if you can find frames where you can just drop in the mat and photos from the back rather than sliding them in from the side, that should also help you produce a better final product.  Good luck!

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