Fun with Planning: Seed Garden Option 1

So I’ve been having fun playing with this excellent planning program called OmniGraffle.  If you’re the sort of person who gets excited when someone mentions flowcharts, this is the program for you.

Though I typically use this program for creating site maps and wireframes for my work, I learned last year that it also makes an excellent garden planning tool.  I created this scale map of my backyard beds and used photos from seed websites and Google Image searches to put together my idea for the garden.

Though the flowers from seed are the stars of this garden, I did include some hydrangeas and a clematis for some early-start interest since most of the seeds won’t be blooming until June at the earliest.  And I’ll probably use transplants for the tomato and the cucumbers as well just to be sure they have plenty of time for a nice long, productive season.

Click image for full size.

I’m estimating this whole garden could be done for about $350!  Not too bad!

But I’m not entirely happy with this plan yet.  I was trying to stay with a pink-purple pallet here.  Jake pointed out that many flower gardens benefit if each type of flower has a distinct color – it helps they eye distinguish types of flowers by color as well as shape.  I think that’s a great note.  I also want to play with spring blooming bulbs that I would plant this fall and maybe work in some attractive eatables like cabbage, purple kale, maybe even some colorful “bright lights” swiss chard.

I’ll be sure to post Option 2 as soon as I find some time to create it!


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