Headed to The Creative Connection Event

I’m really looking forward to an extra long weekend in St. Paul, MN at The Creative Connection Event.

I’ll be there representing Astek, seeing if anyone needs an upgrade to their blog/website, and also soaking up the crafty, web marketing ideas for future after-hours endeavors, like, say, the next iteration of this blog, or helping Mom figure out how to launch a 2nd career as a weaving teacher, or starting an Etsy business selling craft kits!

I can’t wait to hang out with Mom, meet geeky/crafty women like me, and take a class from THE Crafty Chica in all her glittery glory.  SO GEEKED!

(Confidential to Kathy: I hope it’s ok I swiped this off your FB page.)

In preparation, I have ordered a new dress of terminal adorableness.  It should be delivered on Tuesday.  I am about dying to see if it is as cute in person as it is in this photo:


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