So have I mentioned I’m an NPR-lovin’ nerd? Yeah, I know you’re not surprised.

A few weeks ago, I posted to Marketplace Money’s facebook page about the belt tightening Jake and I did during his unemployment and I was awarded their Piggy Award where they send this awesome blue piggybank to people who make good financial decisions.


It was such a blast to be interviewed by the show’s host, Tess Vigeland. It was like having the radio come to life over my phone. Everyone at Marketplace Money was so sweet, even their producer, Stephen Hoffman who lined up the interview.

I wanted to do something nice for them, and I got inspired to stitch something up. I thought it apropos since I picked up embroidery because I needed a thrifty hobby to keep me busy while we cut back on other types of entertainment like going out. Mashing up some images I found through a Google Image search, I came up with this quick and easy pattern featuring the famous blue pig:


If you’d like to stitch this up yourself, feel free to download the pattern here! If you’re new to embroidery, I highly recommend the tutorials at SublimeStitching.com. I used mostly back stitches – a bit of a chain stitch on the hills.

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