Born on St. Patty’s Day | Rainbows & Pinwheels 1st Birthday Party


My daughter was born on St. Patrick’s Day 2011. I have some mixed feelings about my baby girl being born on a day that is tied so heavily with binge drinking and cabbage, but I figure until she’s 10 or so we’ll just let her think the parade downtown is in her honor and everyone is dressed in green because her name is Olive.


When you’ve got a St. Patty’s Day baby, you’ve just got to run with the party theme God gives you: RAINBOWS!! I threw in some pinwheels and polkadots (and a whole lot of Jello) and I was pretty pleased with how things turned out. It didn’t hurt that Mother Nature blessed us with the warmest St. Patrick’s Day in 141 years and let me tell you, if I had captured a leprechaun myself, I could not have wished for a more beautiful day for a 1st birthday party! Olive seemed to truly enjoy the event – even if she was a bit mystified by the whole thing. My friend Vin took some AMAZING photos of the party. I’m so lucky to have such talented people in my life. I hope you enjoy the pics!



Yarn wrapped letters. Inspired by a post on (via Craftzine).




Adorable handmade birthday outfit from SweetLollipopKisses on Etsy. I debated how crazy I should go on the outfit, but I thought to myself: there’s only so many times in a woman’s life where she can really get away with wearing a rainbow tutu. I didn’t want her to miss out.


Beautiful and delicious Rainbow Jello Cups inspired by the post on but sans Cool Whip per the hubby’s request. A huge hit with the kiddos (and adults!)


Jake made yummy, yummy Rubens…. because it’s not St. Patty’s Day if there’s no cornbeef!


I had a bunch of gold forks and spoons left over from New Years and I have to admit I felt pretty clever when I thought to make them my “pot of gold.”


Polkadot Wall: Just need a circle cutter, a book of colorful craft paper and some scotch tape.



Who’s up for a Piñata!?


My favorite part was when my dad put the unicorn’s head on a pike, all Game of Thrones style.


I saw these rainbow cakes on several blogs, but I’ve got to say, when Jake cut into his beautiful creation and pulled out that first piece, the whole room gasped. It was really something to see. And it may be the best d@mn cake I’ve ever tasted. My husband can COOK!





4 thoughts on “Born on St. Patty’s Day | Rainbows & Pinwheels 1st Birthday Party

  1. What an adorable little girl, and a precious party!!! Love the rainbow theme, and I loved seeing your yarn letters 🙂 Thanks for linking up to mine! It has been so much fun to see other people’s versions of them. Have a great night!

    1. Holly – thanks so much for the comment. It was a great craft! I’m super excited that the word “LOVE” is in her name. I plan to put the letters out at Valentine’s Day next year! Yay for double-duty decorations!

  2. Came over here from offbeatfamilies, in reading your birth story! Has this first birthday been featured, too, becase if not, it TOTALLY should be! Love the idea!!!

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