FREE PATTERN: Easy Sew Square-Bottomed Lunch Bag


I’m on a brown bagging kick right now, trying to save some pennies on my daily lunch habit.  But, on Sunday night, when I gathered my cobb salad with bread and vinaigrette on the side, I realized that a traditional brown paper lunch bag was not going to cut it.


In about an hour I was able to whip up a simple, square, drawstring lunch bag.  Sized at 8″ square it fits those nifty square sandwich and salad tupperwares perfectly.  At 12″ tall, there’s plenty of room for a bag of chips or dressing or whatever you might need to round out your meal.

I lined the bottom 6″ with plastic which created nice pockets on the inside as well.

free, downloadable lunchbag pattern is available here if you’d like to try whipping up one of your own!


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