FREE 10-Minute Purse Pattern


After I posted last night I got inspired to make something, anything, from all the amazing swag given out by the BlogHer Handmade/Creative Connection conference.


After staring at the delicious crafty awesomeness, trying to think of a 1 hour project I could do to expel all my pent-up, crafty energy so I could actually sleep, I remembered a super simple purse pattern Vin designed for Swap-O-Rama-Rama Chicago this year.

This is an AWESOME, 15-minute pattern perfect for fabric scraps that are too cute to throw away:


(Click image above to download and view full size.)

This project was designed to be quick and easy with a sewing machine, but honestly it was perfectly doable with just a needle and thread– though it took closer to 30 minutes. A sloppy running stitch works fine for Step 2 and a whip stitch or hidden running stitch for Step 4.


The swag kit was so awesome – it even had a short ruler, some fold-up Fiskars scissors, as well as some beautiful pink ribbon from May Arts I used to make a little embellishment. My hotel room provided a full size iron and ironing board (which helped a TON!) and I luckily had brought a needle and embroidery thread along as part of my in-flight entertainment. I wish I could tell you who the fabric was from, but I traded fabric with some of my table mates and mine ended up without a label. But it is pink and full of GLITTER!! How awesome is that!?! If any one knows who’s fabric that is, please let me know in the comments and I will update the post!

It is such a privilege to attend an event where the sponsors are as generous as the amazing speakers and presenters. What fun to be treated like such a rock star!

(And speaking of amazing speakers and presenters, check out my next post for a super special story about a crafty gauntlet laid down between myself and photo blogger/conference panelist Karen Walrond.)

6 thoughts on “FREE 10-Minute Purse Pattern

    1. Oh, yeah, this is a great beginner project. A piece of contrasting bias tape along the diagonal edge can also really spark it up. A button and button hole to close it up or an old broach also works. Have fun! And good for you for introducing the next gen to sewing!!

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